Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great Gift Idea

I recently got to try these awesome truffles from Marie Belle. They have Frangelico liqueur in them and they taste absolutely amazing. I looked at the website and my mouth started watering at the other flavors available like the Caramelized Almond Bark.

The best thing about these particular truffles I tried was that they support a good cause. I admit, I have a cat that I like. Not a very manly thing to say I guess, but my wife insisted we get a cat a few years ago and he really is the best cat I have ever seen. Other than his hairballs. I could do without those.

Anyway, the truffles I tried support Bideawee, a charity that helps pet welfare organizations in the New York area. 

Each truffle in the box had cat and dog prints on them. My wife thought they were so cute. I think this may be a good thing to give for the Holidays. You will look like a hero giving something with heart for the fuzzy creatures. On the plus side as well, the truffles come boxed and ready to give; a great thing for us guys.

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