Friday, October 19, 2012

If you are ever in Polson,Mt

         Richwine's Burgerville Polson,Mt

If you are ever in Polson, Mt you have to stop by this local landmark. Celebrating 50 years as a family drive in business, Richwine's has been feeding the locals and giving out thier "Thinga-majigs" to countless tourits.

What is a thinga-majig, you ask? It is a garnishment on top of all thier burgers that has a carrot, raddish and a piece of celery. It is a signature of all the Richwine's sandwhiches.

Richwines was started in 1962 to suppliment an income and has stuck around for generations.

This is a truly unique opportunity to try a burger that has been featured in Sunset magazine, The Denver Post and Montana Magazine.

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