Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LT Retires as a Charger


LT Retired today he was unstoppable in he's day
he was unbelievable to watch and exciting watching him play made proud to be a Chargers fan.
Even if he went to New York he will always be one of my favorite players..I still have his San Diego jersey hanging up in my closet he will always be a Charger to me,Enjoy your retirement buddy you deserve it

R.I.P Junior Seau

I never seen someone play with so much passion and heart
He was one of my football hero's growing up i will miss #55

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some of my favorite shots

Since I was young i have always liked taking pictures with my Grandmothers camera. I always wanted to be a professional photographer, I even went to school for it but never finished I found out that its better as a hobby than as a profession. Its a tuff business to get into, anyways I' am lucky enuff to live in the most beautiful part of the world. Here are some of my favorite shots of Montana

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Music Angel Review

My wife already reviewed this product on her blog, but I wanted to review it as well. I love it that much!

 I would like to talk about the Music Angel from SimulTALK.

 I take it to work with me when I close and work late night. It is great to use for many things; working on your car, fishing outdoors, BBQs, working in the yard and just hanging out around the house. The music angel is a mini speaker that also doubles as a radio. The sound is so crisp. I would say even better than the radio in my car.

Not only does it get great sound, but it is loud and doesn't distort. You can hear and feel the base!

 The music angel is available in touch screen or no screen.

The no screen version does not have a radio, but it still works great with my Ipod.

Get the Music angel at SimulTALK.They have some awesome customer service there!

Win a 10 Dollar Giftcard to Best Buy + $9 worth of coupons!

This is my first kick off giveaway!

I am giving away $9 worth of coupons. (5) $1 off coupons for Dr Pepper with a purchase and (4) Starbucks $1 off coupons when you buy 2 cans of Starbucks doubleshots! Also included is a $10 Gift Card to Best Buy!

The giveaway will run from Today 6/16-Friday 6/22!

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Have you ever been in love with a car?

Every guy has a passion with some automobile, mine is the old-school VW.
I can't explain it! ever since I was in diapers i loved this car.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Looking to do product reviews

I have heard that the amount of male bloggers who do product reviews was low, so I wanted to make sure it was known that I am a male review blogger or "daddy blogger".

I am especially interested in reviewing electronics, sports stuff, fitness stuff, gadgets, tools, clothing, snacks and beverages.

Looking forward to this new venture!

Feel free to contact me at spencertolhurst@gmail.com

This is why I moved to Montana

Despite my trip to Billings doing a job on my car, I did get to take some awesome pictures. I am glad our camera takes good pictures even in a moving vehicle.

In the western part of the state where we live is all mountains and in Billings, there are majestic plateaus.

In May, there are rolling green hills. My wife thinks they look like velvet.

 I probably won't be going back that way for a while simply because hitting another deer is not my idea of a good time, and Billings reminded me too much of California big cities, but it really was a great drive.

Man, you gotta try the Griz Burger!

I'm the type of guy that goes into a burger joint or taco joint and I wanna order the biggest thing they got. I am a big man with a big appetite. I wanna see what a place is made of, know what I mean?

So I have lived in Missoula for a little over 5 years and I have heard about the huge, famous burgers at the Mo-club in Downtown.

Lots of big names have passed through there and enjoyed a piece of the greasy pie. I know a few years back 'Slick Willy' former president Bill Clinton had himself a time there during the 2008 elections.

So, my wife and I went there today and had one of these famous beef landmarks.

I ate the Griz Burger; a triple patty monster monument to meat. Yes, the ingredients were simple, but so delicious for a man with a monster size appetite like my own.

It came served in style on a plastic plate with onions and pickle slices.

I sat at the bar area and ate where hundreds of other burger diners had sat since the opening in 1926. The bar wood was the original from the opening!

My wife and I proceeded to BS with the "Cook" (he made sure we knew he was a cook and not a bartender!) who made it well known that he was happy being a drunken Irishman. My wife had to be her typical picky self and ask for the burger with no onions. He was accomidating to her request.

All in all, I can see why this place has a reputation. The burgers are good, the enviroment is entertaining and the charactor of the place cannot be beat.