Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Man, you gotta try the Griz Burger!

I'm the type of guy that goes into a burger joint or taco joint and I wanna order the biggest thing they got. I am a big man with a big appetite. I wanna see what a place is made of, know what I mean?

So I have lived in Missoula for a little over 5 years and I have heard about the huge, famous burgers at the Mo-club in Downtown.

Lots of big names have passed through there and enjoyed a piece of the greasy pie. I know a few years back 'Slick Willy' former president Bill Clinton had himself a time there during the 2008 elections.

So, my wife and I went there today and had one of these famous beef landmarks.

I ate the Griz Burger; a triple patty monster monument to meat. Yes, the ingredients were simple, but so delicious for a man with a monster size appetite like my own.

It came served in style on a plastic plate with onions and pickle slices.

I sat at the bar area and ate where hundreds of other burger diners had sat since the opening in 1926. The bar wood was the original from the opening!

My wife and I proceeded to BS with the "Cook" (he made sure we knew he was a cook and not a bartender!) who made it well known that he was happy being a drunken Irishman. My wife had to be her typical picky self and ask for the burger with no onions. He was accomidating to her request.

All in all, I can see why this place has a reputation. The burgers are good, the enviroment is entertaining and the charactor of the place cannot be beat.


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