Saturday, June 16, 2012

Music Angel Review

My wife already reviewed this product on her blog, but I wanted to review it as well. I love it that much!

 I would like to talk about the Music Angel from SimulTALK.

 I take it to work with me when I close and work late night. It is great to use for many things; working on your car, fishing outdoors, BBQs, working in the yard and just hanging out around the house. The music angel is a mini speaker that also doubles as a radio. The sound is so crisp. I would say even better than the radio in my car.

Not only does it get great sound, but it is loud and doesn't distort. You can hear and feel the base!

 The music angel is available in touch screen or no screen.

The no screen version does not have a radio, but it still works great with my Ipod.

Get the Music angel at SimulTALK.They have some awesome customer service there!

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